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Альтернативное изображение

Альтернативное изображение

   We provide the following types of services:

   - Shipment and movement of large-size and heavy cargos, heavy vehicles, cargo carriers, field engines, harvesters and other agricultural engines, cranes, drilling machines, design constructions, crossbars, beams, earth-moving machines, front loaders and other construction engines, scrap metal, etc.

   - Motorcar shipment;

   - Evacuation services for cargo carriers, special purpose engines, construction engines;

   - Cargo shipment in tented semitrailers of 90 m3;

   - Execution of permits for large-scale and heavy cargos transportation;

   - Escort services for large-size and heavy cargos by convoy vehicles and State traffic safety inspectorate crews.

   In order to request a vehicle shipment, it is necessary to file an application form, and a sketch in drawing of the cargo for transportation.

   You can download the application form here.