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Альтернативное изображение

Альтернативное изображение

   "Trans-NAM, plc." shipping company has a wide experience in international and interurban cargo transportations by vehicles, and is an effective member of International Vehicle Carriers Assosiation.

   Vehicle fleet of the company consists of 32 vehicles of different loadbearing capacity, more than 60 special platforms and special motor engines for shipment of large-size and heavy cargos, field engines, harvesters, other agricultural engines, and also cranes, drilling machines, construction elements, crossbars, beams, earth-moving machines, front loaders and other constructions engines. Our vehicle fleet disposes of up-to-date rolling equipment, including rack cars for motor car shipment, motor trucks evacuators, other special engines.

   We also deliver to our clients such services as execution of required licenses for shipment of large-size and heavy cargos in Europe and Russia, execution of the required transit customs documentation throughout the shipment root, and also relevant types of escort services for large-size and heavy cargos by convoy vehicles and State traffic safety inspectorate crews.

   Our specialist carrying out shipments are widely experienced in international and interurban transportations, are provided with mobile communication means, which all makes possible to timely inform our clients about the shipment progress and the cargo's current location.

   Our vehicles are equipped with satellite monitoring systems.

   It is our well-experienced, highly qualified dispatchers who take control over the shipment process, as well as over our clients' applications submission and execution.

   Our company has loyal partners in Germany, Sweden, France, Finland.

   Many Russian and foreign companies use our services, many of such companies being our loyal clients.